NOTE: Like most things on this wiki, it's not a real game


You are a Goomba and your running away from Mario becuase he is Ready to get in your way. Dodge Pipes, Blocks and more and see how far you can go without being caught by the red plumber. The game is avalble on the 3DS and Wii U


There are many Goomba's to play as in this game. Let's take a look at them


This is the Goomba you start out with, he is great for starters and is the easiest to play has.


The Cat Goomba is the fastest Goomba you can play as, but its Power is very low. You can unlock this Goomba with 50 Coins


At the Goom-Shop, you can buy Power-Ups, Different Goomba's and More! More info will be here soon!



Mario runs after you and try's to jump on you. So you better watch out For him!



If you Tap the Goomba into the game you unlock a mode called Turbo Mode. more info coming soon


If you Tap Mario into the Game, you can chose different Types of Mario's go after you. The ones are Fire, Ice, Cat, Tannokki and Frog Mario. NOTE: These just change the way the way Mario looks, for now

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