Rumble Canyon
Rumble Canyon is the third race of the Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart Drive Ride Sk8. It takes place on a dry mountainside out of sand, dirt, and dust near a trench during the afternoon/evening. It also takes place in a cave which racers will navigate under the course at some point of the track. This course doesn't consist much obstacles. The only obstacles in this course are only 3 parts of the track inside the cave will eventually collapse throughout the race like in Grumble Volcano in Mario Kart Wii. The sections of the road are in front of the first two ramps inside the cave, and in the inner section of the curve of the third ramp in the cave. The course's features are cactuses, a river, a waterfal spilling water into the river which is in the middle of the trench, and a boulder which blocks a short cut which racers need to perform a smash boost to make it through.

Course layout

Rumble Canyon (map)2

Course Map

The Race begins on a sand road. Racers will head straight to a ramp which is part of the road which allows them to perform tricks or double tricks and before they make a right curve, they'll find a giant boulder straight ahead. Behind the boulder is a hidden short cut which requires a smash boost to navigate through. If Racers navigate through the short cut, they'll head straight ahead driving over a series of dash panels and running into a whole bunch of item boxes (which gives racers a big chance of using a double or a triple carrier which is using more than one items at once) and drive over a flat bridge over a river and racers will make a right curve and straight back onto the main path. If racers just take the main path, they'll just make a right curve then head straight to a left tight curve and next, they'll head straight to a ramp with a dash panel on it which allows racers to perform tricks or double tricks on it. When racers go on the ramp, they'll go over the same river which is under the bridge in the short cut. Next, racers will make a right turn if on the main path and keep slightly curving right even if racers went through the short cut. Racers will next take a sharp left curve which leads them into a cave. When racers enter inside the cave, they will find a path with a ramp with a dash panel on the left which allows racers to perform tricks or double tricks on. In front of the first ramp will have a piece of the path to collapse eventually. Next, racers will make a wide left U curve and straight ahead into a wider section of the road and pass under the river. The section of the cave which the river is completely above will have stalactites in the cave dripping water. Racers will find a path on the right with another ramp with a dash panel which is similiar to the first ramp but this time, it's curving a little bit. After the second ramp on the right, racers will find the third and last path with a ramp with a dash panel on the left which is completely a curve to the right and there's a section of the path which will collapse on the right next to the path on the left of the cave. (While inside the cave, racers will have options to decide whether they want to take these ramps or not) Racers then make a right curve which leads them out of the cave and they'll have to make a sharp left turn which recommends drifting and they'll head straight onto a wooden bridge over the trench to the other side. At the ends of the bridge, there are bumps which racers can perform tricks or double tricks on and the same with the next bridge when heading back to the start/finish line. After the first bridge, racers will make a tight right curve which also recommends drifting and they'll head straight onto the second wooden bridge which helps them over the trench and leads them back to the start/finish line.

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