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Ruma Koopa
Ruma Koopa
Ruma Koopa's official artwork.
Full Name Ruma Koopa
(Frozen Koopa)
Location The Frozen Hills
Main Weapon(s) His cold (almost frozen) body

Ruma Koopa is the almost frozen Koopa Troopa with an evil laugh. Ruma Koopa's first appearances in any game is in Super Mario and the Ludu Tree. He is also one of the Koopa Family and will always find a way to block Mario in his adventure with his fast running skills and his very, very cold (almost frozen) body. They are really fast, and on ice, they can glide to you when they freeze themselves. So, you'll need to watch out before you ever see him!

Game Appearances

Super Mario and the Ludu Tree

Ruma Koopa's first appearance in in Super Mario and the Ludu Tree. He doesn't have a very special role, but can easily block Mario on his way to save Princess Peach. He can only be found on the Frozen Hills of the game. You can only kill him by jumping on him and shoot his shield away from you in a cave, where he can't get out, so he can't hurt you.


Under this text you'll see some original and other made pictures of Ruma Koopa. The first pictures will show you his appearance in Super Mario and the Ludu Tree.