Player Position Alt. Position (s)
Maurice Blair Centre Five-Eighth
Terry Campese Five-Eighth
Dane Chisholm Five-Eighth Fullback, Halfback
Chris Clarkson Second Row
Ben Cockayne Wing Fullback
Jordan Cox Second Row
Kieran Dixon Fullback
James Green Prop
James Greenwood Prop
Macauley Hallett Centre
Steven Holker Second Row
Graeme Horne Second Row Centre
Albert Kelly Halfback Five-Eighth
Kevin Larroyer Second Row
George Lawler Second Row
Shaun Lunt Hooker
Josh Mantellato Fullback
Matty Marsh Halfback
Thomas Minns Centre
Aaron Ollett Hooker
Liam Salter Centre
Ryan Shaw Centre Fullback
Ken Sio Wing
Iain Thornley Wing
Dane Tilse Prop
Adam Walker Hooker

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