Player Position Alt. Position (s)
Luke Ambler Prop Second Row
Ed Barber Second Row Prop, Lock
Gavin Bennion Prop
Andy Bracek Second Row Prop
Mitch Cahalane Prop
Ross Divorty Second Row
Jake Eccleston Fullback Wing
Jacob Fairbank Prop
Simon Grix Second Row Centre, Five-Eighth
Ben Heaton Centre Fullback
Ben Johnston Halfback
Ben Kaye Hooker
Ryan Maneely Hooker
Gareth Moore Halfback
Richard Moore Prop
Scott Murrell (c) Five-Eighth Halfback, Hooker
Gareth Potts Wing
Adam Robinson Prop Second Row
Connor Robinson Halfback
Tommy Saxton Wing
Will Sharp Centre Wing
Sam Smeaton Centre
Adam Tangata Prop

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