Player Position Alt. Position (s)
Luke Adamson Lock Second Row
Toby Adamson Second Row Prop
Sam Bates Prop
Aaron Brown Lock Five-Eighth
Nathan Conroy Hooker
Jason Crookes Wing Centre
Brad Delaney Halfback
James Delaney Hooker
Sam Dunn Centre
Joel Farrell Second Row Prop
William Forsyth Fullback
James Glover Five-Eighth
Shane Grady Centre
Dalton Grant Wing Centre
Matt Groat Prop Lock
Josh Guzdek Fullback
Scott Hale Second Row Centre
Tom Hemingway Five-Eighth
Ryan Hepworth Prop Second Row
Paul Jackson Prop
Zach Johnson Prop
Dale Morton Wing Centre
Jason Muranka Second Row Lock
Karl Pryce Centre Wing
Ben Reynolds Halfback Five-Eighth
Dom Speakman Halfback Hooker
Rob Spicer Second Row
Paul Sykes Centre Fullback, Five-Eighth
Jack Teanby Prop
Tony Tonks Prop
Sam Wood Centre

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