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Rufus is a fighter from the Street Fighter series. He proclaims himself to be America's greatest fighter so he decides to fight Ken Masters to prove it. After the final battle he drives by Ryu and Ken stopping briefly for an insult.

Nintendo vs. Capcom

Rufus is a playable character in Nintendo vs. Capcom. He still wants to defeat Ken. Even in this game his win quotes are too long. In his story mode he goes on a quest to fight Ken Masters fighting through various female blonde fighters he mistakes for Ken. Even Peach wouldn't like it. In his ending he knocks out Ken Masters and declares himself the best fighter in America but then he sees all the blonde fighters he mistook for Ken. That gets him wound up and ready to fight them all.

Special Moves

Galactic Tornado:Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch. Rufus spin around then ends by punching his opponent with a palm. His spin also hurts his opponent. This also absorbs projectiles.

Messiah Kick:Quarter-Circle Forward + Kick. Rufus leaps through the air in an arc before kicking his opponent and follows up with either a flip kick, a trip or a over head heel kick

Snake Strike:Dragon Punch Motion + Punch. Rufus jumps skyward unleashing a rapid series of punches and kicks knocking any airborne foe back to the ground.

Spectacle Romance:2 Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch. Rufus strikes with two powerful punches to his opponent before flipping over them and delivering a two palm thrust attack with such force his adversary is sent hurtling horizontally

Space Opera Symphony:2 Quarter-Circle Forward + All Punches. Rufus unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks, followed by hitting them into the air and then smashing them with his hands as they come falling down

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