Rudy Wade
Rudy on community service
Date of Birth January 7th
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Wertham
Current Status Alive (dead in Luke's World)
The Community Centre
Family and Relations
Rudy Too (creation), Rudy Three (creation), Geoff (father), Pat (mother), Nadine (ex-girlfriend), Jess (girlfriend)
Main Weapon(s) Cornetto, sledgehammer
Ability/ies Emotional Duplication
Vulnerable To Emotions
Nationality English
Ethnicity White
Height 1.83m
Rudy One
First Appearance Vegas Baby/S03E01
Latest Appearance S05E08
“'I’m on my way to a job' – that’s what the good Samaritan said to Jesus when he found him nailed to the cross but do you know what - he friggin’ unnailed him and he said 'Do you wanna kip in my stable with that donkey from... Bethlehem' and Jesus said, do you know what he said, he went ‘Oh cheers mate, see that water over there, I’m going to turn that into wine. And fish.'
Rudy, S05E05

Rudy is a young adult working on community service after his clone smashed a car, and he got the blame for it. He has the power of emotional duplication, as the result of his split personalities and clashing emotions.


Misfits: Wertham Warfare

Rudy appears in Wertham Warfare as a starter character, alongside the ASBO five.