Ruby's Quest
Ruby's quest for the fire and lava gems
 for the Fire and Lava Gems
is a Spin-Off game of the Sonic Series for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. in this game Ruby the Hedgehog is the main character and she is out to find the fire and lava gems. This game is being developed by Peachy-E Studios.


In this game, you pick a planet to explore. You explore that chosen planet, looking for the next level. Once that level is found, you can select that level, and it will start. Also, you can find a Magical Flower on each planet, that will give her access to the elements of that planet. For example: If she finds the Magical Flower of Vinetra, she will gain Nature Powers. But if she finds the Magical Flower of Wavaloyn, she will gain the Water Element. However, the Magical Flower can only be found on the HUBS of each planet, not in the level.



Character's Image Character's Name Description Unlocked By...
Ruby the hedgehog Ruby the Hedgehog She is the second oldest in her family and has a bit of a temper and is stubborn. But she is very kind, and when she is focused on doing something, nothing can stop her no matter what people do to her. Starter
Flame the hedgehog Flame the Hedgehog Flame is the first oldest in his family and has two younger sisters (Ruby and Amy). He is very calm, but when people push him to the limits, he gets very angry, and he can set the place he is in on fire! The only way to calm him down again is to give him his picture of his family, and to remind him of them.


(Only in Multiplayer)

Amy-London2012 Amy the Hedgehog Amy is the third and last born in her family. Amy also has a bit of a temper, but she is also willing to help any one! But sometimes, when she is asleep at night, she has horrible nightmares! And when she wakes up, she see's a light, and is possed to follow it. The only way to wake her up from it is to splash ice cold water on her face.


(Only in Multiplayer)

140px-Sonic Wreck It Ralph Sonic the Hedgehog Hey look guys! Everyone's favorite fast hero is back in this brand new game! Sonic is very impatient, but he is also very kind and generous in every way. But in this game sonic accidentally mistakens Ruby for Amy, and starts running away, until she talks to him. Then he realizes it is not Amy, and they become good friends.


(Only in Multiplayer)

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