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Rublitendo Studios
Official Logo
Founded at/in 2014-05-18
Area(s) Served PL - Nowogard

PL - Dobra

JP - Osaku

SP - Elx

RU - Moscow

CH - Plzeň

UK - London

FR - Nice

US - New York

KA - Montréal

GR - Berlin

SK - Seul

Owner(s) Rublitendo_Studios
Predecessor Rublisoft
Parent Company HAL Labolatory
Subsidiaries change

Rublitendo Studios (in Japanese: R-Studios) Polish-Spanish-British company, which achieved profitability Fever Video Game mascot is a Crack McGold & Blue the Blue Kirby, known Golden Helmet hedgehog with a friend Blue popopo Called Bluey in the inside of the helmet. 



After birth in 2003 This Company Called Komi Productions Inc.

2010's (2014-Present)

After Creating Account on Youtube. Originally called "Swiniapl89" Later "Rublisoft" now in 2015 "Rublitendo Studios"


in Year 2040 1 January, First Time Rublitendo Studios. has Founded in Nowogard (City on Poland), and Now is not a Fanon Company. more Comming soon!

Cooperating companies

  • Activision
  • HAL Laboratory (Defuncted by Rublitendo)
  • Atari
  • JoWooD
  • Microsoft Studios (formerly)
  • Shoen Jump (Anime TV Series and Movies)

Bandicam 2014-09-03 21-37-42-746

Main Mascot of Rublitendo Called Crack


Studios of Rublitendo


Rublitendo Japan Studio which is called R-Studios

Rublitendo YTP This Studio It is often also referred to as R-YTP which publishes Youtube Poop Movies to Youtube

Rublitendo Movies This Studio Which seems Videos

Rublitendo Gamming - Channel of Gamming Without Commentary


  • Rublitendo Prague
  • Rublitendo France
  • Rublitendo Moscow
  • Rublitendo Berlin
  • Rublitendo Seul
  • Rublitendo U.S.A.
  • Rublitendo U.K.
  • Rublitendo Española
  • Robostone Inc. (Rublitendo Canada)

Video Game Consoles




Based in Fantendo Games



  • Rublitendo Studios seems to have been inspired by Nintendo
  • Rublitendo is a Anti-Zentech Company
  • Rublitendo is Parody of Capcom

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