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Rubber and the Quest for Diggy the Happy Troll is the first game in the Rubber Quest Series, and series start for the Legendary Pop-Fizz 42 and ROC


Rubber ( 1st Form )


Welcome to Trechoule' a magical land filled with rare creatures of all shapes, and sizes. In this land there are nine realms, one of which are inhabited by trolls. One troll named Diggy was peeking in a book of spells, when he accidentally released an evil spirit. The rest of Trechoule' has been swarmed by evil spirits, so they call the army of the wizzard's Rubbers to stop the spirit, but only one rubber would quest on his own to save Diggy the Happy Troll, and that little Rubber is you.


3rd Person Platform


Rubbers have the special abilitie to absorb power, and the more realm leaders you save, the more powers they give you!

  • Rubber Rumble_Attack with your fists and kicks
  • Claw Melee_Attack by clawing enemies apart!
  • Invisablity_Remain unseen for a small amount of time.
  • Summon_Summon a friend to assist you.
  • Fire Blazer_Set yourself on fir to repell enemies, but be warned if you use it for more than one minute, then you instantley loose all your health.
  • Dragon Wings_Wings let you fly on special points.
  • Sonic Screech_Roar so load, that you stun your opponents!
  • Dive_Gives you the ability to breath underwater, and swim as long as you want.
  • Rock and Roll_You turn to a boulder, and roll through your enemies!
  • Ice Smasher_Turn your fist into a menacing club, and flatten your opponents!
  • Ram Horns_Grow large horns and charge at foes!


The levels where you stop spirits, and gain new abilities!

  1. Rubbers' Armoury
  2. Realm of the Trolls
  3. Realm of the Elves
  4. Realm of the Cyclopses
  5. Realm of the Pheonix
  6. Realm of the Dragons
  7. Realm of the Griffons
  8. Realm of the Octomen
  9. Realm of the Golems
  10. Realm of the Yetis
  11. Realm of the Ungulates
  12. Dark Dimension


Summons are special friends that you can summon using your summon ability. Each realm has one kind of summon, so use each wisely.

  • Giant Snail
  • Elf Hound
  • Unicorn
  • Pheonix
  • Pint Dragon
  • Griffon
  • Hippocappi
  • Crystal Miner
  • Sasquatch
  • Basalsik
  • Aryese

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