Rubber and the Quest for 1st Prize Trophyman is the first racing game in the Rubber Quest Franchise.

Default Racers

Rubber Kart
Rubber Rubber, the star of the series, is after first prize trophyman!
Diggy Kart
Diggy Diggy the Happy Troll is going to get that Trophyman! with the help of his light-weight.
Shadow Spirit Kart
Shadow Spirit The evil spell, released by Diggy, and stopped multiple times by Rubber wants get an even score!
Nooki Nooki Boy Kart
Nooki Nooki Boy The Realm of Nooki's Self-Appointed Super Hero is after the trophyman!
Kirkquee Kart
Kirquee Trechoule's most rare magical being has joined the race for the trophyman.

Secret Racers

Cyclops Kart
Cyclops Cyclops, Rubber's Summon Sensai, has joined the race!
King Garoo
King Garoo The evil king of the roos has joined the race!
Captain Homosonee Kart
Captain Homosonee The mysterious leader of the Homosonees has joined the race!
Goroboro Kart
Goroboro Goroboro the dragon king has joined the race!
Berry-Berry Bear Kart
Berry-Berry Bear Berry-Berry Bear, or at least one of them anyway, has decided to go after the Trophyman!

DLC Racers

Copy (2) of kart

For a price of 500 points,

Unten will race for Trophyman!

Copy of kart

For a price of 800 points,

L-PF will race for Trophyman!

SGY kart

For a price of 800 points,

SGY will race for Trophyman!

YEN Kart
Yoshiegg Nook

For a price of 1000 points,

Yoshiegg Nook will race for Trophyman!

P KArt

For a price of 1000 points,

Pesh will race for Trophyman!

Coarse Cups

Rubber Cup

  • Rubber Armoury
  • Realm of Trolls
  • A Coarse made of Rubber

Troll Cup

  • Troll Library 
  • Troll Mines
  • Arena Coarse

Wizzards' Cup

  • Astroplane
  • Ayrees's Fields
  • Comet Coaster

Dark Spirit Cup

  • Dark Realm
  • Realm of the Homosonees
  • Reversed Trechoule'

Trophyman Cup

  • Golden Coarse of Rubber
  • Realm of the Trophymen
  • Racer's Origin Land

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