Full Name Rubber
Current Age 15
Date of Birth  ??? (TBA)
Gender None
Species rubber
Location Materiatown
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Family and Relations
Food, peanut butter, males, friends, families, dinosaurs
Water, enemies, demons, Mary Sues, homophobia
Main Weapon(s) Stretching out body, morphing.
Ability/ies Transforming his body.
Vulnerable To Water
Nationality African American
Height Fluctuates
Weight Fluctuates
Sexuality Heterosexual
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Rubber (video game)
Latest Appearance Rubber (video game)

Rubber is the main protagonist of the Rubber series, which is being developed by Icy Cold Gaming Industries. More info will be added over time.


Rubber has average intelligence. He's not like the regular stupid videogame character, as he actually has common sense. However, he has trouble in terms of figuring out mysteries and large problems. He usually rushes into things head-first. He rushes into things too quickly, but he's trying to improve.

Now for some good things! Rubber takes pride in his stretching abilities, noting that he can can sprout wings the best. Rubber is also very sensitive, and will go out of his way to hug anyone who needs one. In his series, Rubber possesses the trait of "Love," which gives him the ability to feel compassion more than others.


  • Despite being called "Rubber," his characteristics are more like putty.
  • Rubber, for some random reason, really likes peanut butter. He considers it his snack food.
  • Rubber was in his own series before he got rebooted. It was considered "non-canon" due to the awful quality and it's creator, who's homophobic and an overall jerk.
  • Where as Flip is ICGI's answer to early 90's platforming mascots, Rubber is sort of the modern platform character.
  • ICGI's CEO has stated if he ever fought a Nintendo character, he'd have a strong rivalry with Pit from Kid Icarus. Both are characters who work for a higher-up. Both can also fly, love food, and both were created by different companies.


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