Rstore is a reality-bending video game released on Earth in the year 2034.


The game was originally made by a time-bending race called the Temporal Kings to restore lost timelines and pieces of time that were forgotten. Unfortunately it's unstable nature caused it to leak thru time and appear on other planets, such as Earth. Only a few planets besides the TK's planet have ever won this game.

How to Progress

To begin the game the first player must start the Initialize program and the others must start the Follow program. Each players house will be moved to the Circular Orbit on its own World (small planet). The players must then defeat the Keyguard of their world to get the Time Keys. These keys will bring players to the Hall of Time which connects all worlds. It is here that time can be restored. When the players are done, they may exit the game.


Each player has a class. This class gives the player skill in doing certain things with certain items. The structure for classes is The ____ of ____.

The first blank is what you do with your 'element' (second part). List:

  • Mage (good at spells of element)
  • Seer (good at tools of e.)
  • Knight (good at weapons of e.)
  • Voyager (good at vehicles/transportation of e.)
  • Smith (good at crafting with e.)
  • Bard (good at bargaining/pusuading with e.)
  • Monk (good at manipulating someones mind with e.)

The second part is the element itself.

  • Wind (air, clouds, etc.)
  • Space (asteroids, dark matter etc.)
  • Light (lightbulbs, stars etc.)
  • Flame (magma, fire etc.)
  • Plant (dirt, trees etc)
  • Spark (electricity, lightning etc)
  • Dream (ideas, potential energy etc)
  • Dark (shadows, moons etc.)
  • Death (ghosts, corpses etc)
  • Love (hearts, love energy etc)
  • Stone (rock, metal etc)
  • End (apocalyptic runestone, etc.)
  • Word (books, scrolls etc)
  • Hope (saviorblock, artifacts etc)
  • Sea (water, coral etc)

Examples include Voyager of Spark and Knight of Death.


Worlds are made up of mostly players house and a bunch of land following a basic theme. Hidden in the world is a Keyguard in a dungeon somewhere. World names follow the system World of __ and __. List of possible blanks:

  • Mountains
  • Smog
  • Illusions
  • Wrath
  • Souls
  • Decay
  • Shade
  • Rainbows
  • Sand
  • Games
  • Dirt
  • Bombs
  • Pastries
  • Water
  • Ruins
  • Shenanigans

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