Rozery KDL3D
Rozery, the Rose Devil.
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Location Unknown
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) "His Rose Sceptre", His rose brambles and manipulation of flowers, his wings.
Ability/ies Manipulation of flowers and brambles as well as magic powers.
Vulnerable To The Rose Sceptre (if it's attacking him, which is Kirby's Rose Sceptre)
First Appearance Kirby's Dream Land 3D
Rozery (also called Rozary) is the main antagonist and final boss of Kirby's Dream Land 3D. He's been named "The Rose Devil" and was sealed deep in the galaxy with the power of the Rose Sceptres due to his unstable, insane personality and being power hungry, wanting control over everything in the universe.


Rozery was sealed and trapped deep in the universe, as he was causing trouble in the different planets including Popstar hundreds of years ago. After those years he hasn't been appearing again and hasn't have been seen by anyone. However, one day Meta Knight and his group were traveling in Halberd in the galaxy, when he saw some kind of strange spaceship approaching Dream Land in Popstar. Meta Knight went to tell Kirby, but the spaceship already arrived and caused havoc.

A shadow silhouette appeared and Kirby followed it, to later see it stealing a Rose Sceptre. Prince Ros appeared angry at himself for being distracted and not defending the Sceptres, he explained then Kirby what would happen if both Sceptres weren't together in the garden and Kirby and friends wanted to help. Later in the game it is known that Rozery was already free and that he was behind all of this, he wanted both Rose Sceptres to steal energy from flowers of various plants and take all of this energy for himself to take over the universe.


Rozery has an unstable personality and destructive and cruel perspective of things. He's insane and has no emotions for anyone but himself. He is power-hungry and wants control over everything. He was sealed due to his insane personality so he wouldn't cause problems anymore, but even the seal didn't stop him.

Physical Appearance

Rozery is a mysterious figure. He wears some kind of pink cloak sustained by a little hot pink rose, which covers part of his body and most of his face, only showing his glowing red eye and his right "rose eye" and sometimes he shows his glowing, smiling mouth. He has a gold crown with a little rose figure and a big pink rose coming from the top of it. He seems to have no arms, but instead, green stems of plants coming from inside which has white hands/gloves attached to them.

He has a massive dark pink rose under his cloak. He also wears a pink cape. In the middle of the battle he can also grow strange wings made of plant stalks and roses at each side of the wings. Those wings hold leaves which act as the whole wing. Also, after the wings grow, his cape is destroyed. He wields a large curved rod with a rose figure at each side that is actually the original Rose Sceptre.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA)RozarioRozary
Spanish (NOE)RozaloPun on Roza/rosa (rose) and malo (bad).


  • It has been said that there's a possibility that Rozery and Prince Ros were close friends once, meaning that Rozery was a good guy before. It's still unofficial, though.
    • Officially, it's unknown why Rozery turned evil.