Royal Atlantica
Nicknames Knights of Soccer
Atlantica Tigers
Founded 2011
Rivals Mad Robots
Ground Colliseum of H2O (80,000)
Manager Half-blood2000 (tbc)
League Fantendo Football League
Home Kit Black Shirt with the Team Symbol, Blue Edges, Blue Shorts, Cyan Socks.
Away Kit Black Shirt with the Team Symbol coloured Orange, Red Edges, Orange Shorts, Crimson Socks.
Third Kit Black Shirt with the Team Symbol repeated two times, Blue Edges, Blue Shorts, Cyan Socks.
Last Season N/A

Royal Atlantica is a association football/soccer team, representing Atlantica's citizens. They play at the Colliseum of H2O. They won the league on their debut season.


Formation: 4-5-1


Half-blood2000 (tbc)





Colliseum of H2O

The Colliseum is the official Royal Atlantica's stadium. It's the ruins of one ancient Colliseum built by, as the legends says, "Romans". Since the arena is circular, their are no main stands.

Team Kits


Their main rivals are the Mad Robots but share more minor rivalries with the other Fusion teams.

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