A full list of structures in Royal.


Military structures allow army expansion and serve as control centers for areas. However, they are very expensive to build.

  • Castle - The capitol, capture an enemy castle to defeat that enemy. Allows purchase of Swordsmen and Archers.
  • Fortress - Able to be constructed on Towers, Fortresses can house troops and serve as regional capitols. Allows purchase of Swordsmen, Archers, and Technicians.
  • Tower - Can be constructed in towns to be used as a basis for Fortress construction. Allows purchase of Swordsmen.
  • Wizard Tower - Cannot be built, only captured. Wizard towers allow the purchase of Wizards.
  • Stable - Can only be constructed inside castles and fortresses, allows purchase of Horses.
  • Temple - Can only be constructed in Castles and Fortresses, allows purchase of Priests.
  • Laboratory - Can be constructed anywhere if a Technician is nearby, allows purchase of Engines.
  • Academy - Can only be built on Fortresses, allows purchase of Swordsmen, Knights, Archers, Bowmen, and Technicians.
  • Smithy - Sharpens friendly weapons, allowing them to do more damage for 20 turns.


Civilian structures are cheaper to build, and generate income via taxes. They can be used to either expand existing villages or to start new ones. If a group of two or more civilian structures are placed in an otherwise empty area, you will be asked to name the new village.

  • Inn - Allows a place for people to stay, generates +10 Gold per resident every 3 turns. Troops can stop here to rest for free, though Fortresses are generally more effective.
  • Pub - Typically found near Inns, Pubs generate +15 Gold every time a customer walks in, however unless they are placed in a heavily trafficked area you may find your Pub is just losing money to Thieves. You cannot build a pub without owning at least one vineyard.
  • Farm - Generates food for troops and civilians, can be placed anywhere.
  • Vineyard - Can only be placed near farms, allows production of wine for Pubs.
  • Shrine - Increases civilian morale, particularly in when placed near Temples.
  • Guardhouse - Decreases crime rate around it. Best placed in heavily trafficked areas. Best used near Pubs.
  • Stocks - Can be placed near a Guardhouse, allows Thieves and Rebels to be punished for their crimes, further reducing the crime rate in areas surrounding it.
  • Quarry - Allows stonecutting so that Stone Roads may be built. Must be placed near rocky area.
  • House - Produces civilians. The larger the house, the more civilians produced. Houses also get more expensive the larger they get.


  • Terrain - No hindrance to army, with the exception of snow. (-25% speed to all in snowy areas or winter.)
  • Dirt Road - A dirt road, becomes hard to travel in winter. (-15% speed to all in winter)
  • Stone Road - A road paved with Stone, must be placed upon a Dirt Road, you cannot build these without owning at least one Quarry. Becomes slick in winter. (15% chance for slip injury in winter.)

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