Royal is an upcoming MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy) developed for the PC and Mac by Vortex Gaming Industries.




Civilians are those who are ruled by player empires. They are required to recruit into your military, but if not kept satisfied they may revolt. Human civilians, for instance, are likely to revolt if Magic units are purchased, but their loyalty will be increased if a Wizard's Tower is burned.


A full list of units can be found here.
Units are the military of player empires. They are mandatory for expansion and defending of your borders. Certain races have bonuses when purchasing specific unit types, and other bonuses can be acquired through usage of special buildings.


See here. Structures are where you recruit units, where you get food, and where you craft weapons. A group of civilian structures is called a Village if isolated, a Town if a military structure like a Fortress is nearby, and a capitol if a Castle is nearby. Structures can be captured by enemies, or burned (destroyed).


Probably needs completely redone.

Name Description Stats

A highly religious people, allowing quick training of Paladins, however development of magic-type units is more expensive, and increases the likelihood of civilian revolt.

+10 Religion

+5 Melee

-10 Magic

Dwarves The most technologically advanced people, what they lack in magical ability they make up for with technology.

+10 Technology

-5 Magic

+5 Melee

Elves The strongest in use of Magic and with Ranged Weaponry (such as crossbows), the Elves are not good with technology, which can make defending and besieging harder.

+10 Magic

+10 Ranged

+5 Melee

-10 Technology

Undead A long-dead people that still fight for their land, the Undead are powerful in Magic and Melee, but weaker in everything else.

+10 Magic

+10 Melee

-10 Ranged

-10 Religion

-10 Technology

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