About Roxanne
Roxanne is the same type of wolf as Wolf O' Donnel.
She prefers to be called Roxie. Her favorite colors are black and purple and she is somewhat Emo. She has had a sad past and is scarred for life.(which I will explain in her past category.) She loves to dance which is also a past-time you will see her doing alot.
You should never annoy her too much because she will whip you with her studded whip that she usually uses in battle against foes.
Roxanne's past
When Roxanne was a little wolf cub, She had a sister named Annie. Annie was a sweet wolf that was much older than Roxanne. Roxanne always worried about her sister because she loved her so much. One day, Her sister got mad for being to worried about her. Annie ran deep into the woods near their house where the well was. Of course Roxanne was worried she would be wolf napped, so she ran to the well after her. But by the time she arrived, Annie had fallen into the well and couldn't get out. Roxanne didn't know what to do! She had no parents because they died when she was 3. They got in an accident while crossing the road. Roxanne ran to town to get help but nobody was willing to go with her because they didn't know her. Then, it began to rain. Roxanne ran all the way home hoping her sister hadn't drowned but it was too late. Annie was dead. Roxanne called and called to Annie hoping she was still okay but she never got an answer. Finally Roxanne couldn't take seeing her sister like that so she ran away as far as possible. She found a cottage and decided to stay there until an orphanage found her and took her in. She was adopted by new people, but they weren't even wolves! They were foxes. Roxanne was unhappy for a long time until she found a friend. The next week they met, her friend passed away as well. Her adoptive parents ditched her in the the city because they thought she was bad luck because everyone she cared about passed away. So Roxanne is now a drifter because she doesn't want to stick around places for long because she was afraid of killing more people.

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