You probably know Smilonia, a zany world full of crazy creatures such as small, green-colored giraffes, pick-pocketing specters, and living trash cans... And as you may know, that's just the top of the iceberg. There are plenty more wicked creatures, and the population of Smilonia exist not only under humans, but also the so-called Smilonians. The landscapes? Stunning. Environment? Cleaner than possible. Yes, you may recall that Smilonia is better than Earth...
However, not everything is as happy and gleeful as the other countries of this planet. My home country, next to the capital country Smilonia (Smilexa), is in fact the most corrupt country I've ever known. It has been taken over by a man... I guess he's an evil man. There are no laws against crime. In fact, there are laws against good deeds instead. No one who ever stepped into this country may ever leave it. Anyone who surpasses the laws gets arrested, and gets punishments which are considered the worst kind in many countries. Unfortunately, you may be lucky to get such one. There are no lighter punishments.
Everyone would get a fine if they at least haven't commit a crime in a month. You might be wondering to the name of this hell. It is Pructor...
Roxanne, Agent RX intro

This corruptness must be stopped. Pructor must be a safe and nice land. This is my goal: to get rid of the tyrannic dictatorship of Pructor. If Pructor becomes a free land, I'd be the gladdest person of them all...
Me and my friend Sheila thought this was impossible to do, when we just became adults. But later, - no, not so much later - we came across an agency. This agency was in Pructor to secretly get rid of all the crime. This was the solution, me and Sheila decided to become a secret agent.
After many years of blundering, fighting, and acrobatics, we eventually became one of the best agents of the Agency. This was rather unexpected, though. I still wonder if we were destined to be secret agents.
Roxanne, Agent RX intro

...I almost forgot to introduce myself. The name's Roxanne D'Urre. My codename is Agent RX, which you probably already expected. Speaking of expecting, this, whatever you may call it (I call it a story), tells how Sheila and I saved Pructor from the 50-years lasting dictatorship, and how it grew as peaceful as Smilexa.
Roxanne, Agent RX intro


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