The first boss of Sonic Colors
Full Name Rotatatron
Gender Unisex
Class Robot
Family and Relations
Eggman (Creator), Ludwig von Koopa (New Owner)
Main Weapon(s) Hands
First Appearance Sonic Colors
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros YoYo Games

'Rotatatron is Sonic Colors first boss. It is incredibly easy, and Sonic has to hit it 3 times (Or 2 times, if Sonic successfully hits it via Cyan Wisp) to destroy it. There are platforms orbiting it, two of which have wisp capsules.

Uncanny Revenge

Rotatatron returns in New Super Mario Bros YoYo Games. It rules World 4's Fortress. Mario has to jump on it. Mario can also use any of the items on the platforms that are in place of the wisp castles.