Prince Roshan

Roshan, prince of the Blue Ants

Roshan is one of the main characters in the Skip and Sqak series who first appeared in Skip and Sqak 2. He is the prince of the Blue Ants and the son of Queen Kaida and King Drogo, after his birth mother Alice died on the night he was born. He and Robin became lovers when they first saw each other.

He is the smartest member of the SSFF, due to him being a part of an intelligent alien race.


Roshan is a young Blue Ant who wears an egyptian shawl and gold crown on his head. He also wears an egyptian kilt with a gold belt around it and he sometimes wears sandles.

When he goes exploring temples, jungles or swamps, Roshan wears a brown hat, dark brown khaki shirt, tan gloves, a pair of khaki shorts held by a black belt, gold buckle and black boots.

Early Life

Baby Roshan

Roshan as a baby

On a snowy night, Alice gave birth to Roshan in a barn and kept him in a crib. When Kaida and Alice went to get milk for baby Roshan, they got attacked by Red Ants and Kaida manages to get away but Alice got shot to death. As Kaida, Jessica and Janice prepare Alice's funeral, Roshan wakes up and begins crying his first word "Mama" continuously, where he opens his eyes for the first time and sees Kaida cradling him.

Roshan in crib

Roshan sleeping in his crib

Skip and Sqak 2

Roshan made his first appearence in the game's second chapter, where he is introduced to Skip, Sqak and Croco by Kaida before they go to the city to find their friends. Later, in the race stadium, Roshan met the gang's friend Robin and they both fall in love with each other, much to the horror of Sqak.

Later, he and his friends form into the Skip and Sqak Freedom Fighters to save the world from Professor X2 and his SSSSS Team. As he and his friends go saving many lands, Roshan was told to Kaida about Alice's death. Upset for his mother tricking him, Roshan locks himself in his room with tears and refuses to talk to anyone but later forgives his mother.

As the gang prepare to go after X2, they have to say goodbye to their new friends because they'll never go back to the city as they go back to the past. Even Roshan has to say goodbye to Robin, as he has to stay in the future with his family. But things change after JoJo steals the gang's wish bubble to go home and the bubble gets destroyed along with JoJo, leaving the gang stranded in the future.

Despite this terrible tragedy, Robin and Roshan were happy to still be together.


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