Rose Pikmin
Resistant To Being impaled, sharp brambles
Attack Strength Average
Mobility Fast -Not holding anything

Slow- Holding a Heavy Item Average- Holding item

Thrown Strength Average
Carrying Capacity 1 Unit
Size 27mm
Discovered In Prairie of Prosperity
First Appearance Pikmin: Spore Outbreak
Rose Pikmin

Rose Pikmin

Rose Pikmin are a species of Pikmin discovered in Pikmin: Spore Outbreak. They do not have a nose, mouth-shaped gill, or ears, but rather the flower that blooms is a red rose, instead of a Sutera Cordata, which is the Pikmin flower. Their legs and arms are small, and they have slightly larger eyes than the average Pikmin. They are a magenta-coloured Pikmin. 


Like Rock Pikmin, Rose Pikmin cannot be killed by blunt force. This is the only trait these two share, as Rose Pikmin cannot break hard materials and can still be crushed. They are fast, like White Pikmin, but do not have the speed of carrying items back, nor can they dig up treasures and survive in poison.

The one thing that Rose Pikmin uniquely possess is the ability to traverse through sharp brambles which inject sharp spines in the bodies of other Pikmin, and it kills them faster than other hazards.


  • Their appearance and colourization reflect their name, as they sport a rose flower, and are a rosy pink.

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