Rose Garden
Greater Location Golden Empire
First Appearance Danny's Adventure
Latest Appearance Danny's Adventure 2
Included Environment(s)
The Fountain
Rose Garden is an important area in the Danny's Adventure series. It almost always acts as the very first level in the games, except for a few cases where the game takes place far away from the Golden Empire, where it is usually replaced with an alternative. Rose Garden is also normally a name for the first world in most Danny's Adventure games.

DA1 Layout

The layout of the level is rather simple. It starts off as a flat road with a couple of hills here and there, and a couple of large trees that hide hidden items within their leaves. Then there is a slide that takes you to a new part of the level where you land on top of the trees. Falling down the trees in this area counts as a bottomless pit. After this, you will find some more hills and then reach a flat field where some Rocky Rogs are. Shortly after this, there is an optional slide that takes you underground, where you can use an Invinci Bottle to defeat a horde of Rocky Rogs.

Should you choose not to go down the slide, you will start climbing upwards on the trees again, before sliding down a giant hill and landing right by the exit of the underground area. After this, players must jump past small bottomless bits before they reach a giant slide that takes them to the last part of the level. There are more trees that hide objects, and you must collect them without falling into any pits. Then you walk up a hill and find a fountain spewing water. The Goal Flag lies here.


Gold Medals

  • Gold Medal 1: Right in plain sight, close to the start of the level. 
  • Gold Medal 2: Right before the first slide, hidden inside the leaves of a tree.
  • Gold Medal 3: You are rewarded this for clearing all the Rocky Rogs underground.
  • Gold Medal 4: Above one of the bottomless pits in the second section.
  • Gold Medal 5: Right before the end of the level.


  • Danny Sticker: In plain sight, before the first slide.
  • Sammy Sticker Inside one of the trees in the last area.
  • Jow Sticker: Past the Goal Flag, being watched by 2 Jows.