Rose (Elite Fantasy) is the second protagonist in Elite Fantasy. She is part of the party from the beginning of the game, along with Zach. Her home was apparently a boarding school at which she studied magic. Gameplay-wise, she is your offensive-magic-user and healer. She is somewhat physically weak, so her attacking will never be useful - however, depending on the equips you can heavily increase how much attack she can withstand.

Starting Stats

  • HP: 25
  • MP: 20
  • DEF: 5
  • ATK: 2
  • MDEF: 8
  • MATK: 10
  • EVA: 8
  • ACU: 5
  • CHARM: 2
  • GEN: Female
  • Weapon: Solar Staff
  • Hat: Crystal Charm
  • Clothes: Dress of the Elements

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