Rose (Crazee Dayzee)
Full Name Rose
Location Flower Fields, Mushroom Kingdom
Class Partner
Main Weapon(s) Singing

Rose is a Crazee Dayzee who has left the Flower Fields for Dinosaur Land when a flower named Rose tells her that it's full of other flowers and it's really peacful. Excited Rose leaves for Dinosaur Land, thanking the other Rose for the tip.

Rose finds herself in the Vanilla Dome, it's empty and she is crying. When Yoyo finds her she tells him her story, he says that the flowers might just be elsewhere, she says she has checked the Donut Plains and Yoshi Island allready and there aren't any flowers. Yoyo promises to help Rose find some flowers so she signs up to help out Yoyo whenever she can.

Rose has the ability to send foes outside of battle asleep, she has a magical singing voice so whenever somebody in sight is around if they hear Rose's voice they will fall asleep however moving near them will disturb their sleep and wake them up.

At the end of the game when Spring returns to Yoshi Island so do all of the flowers, overjoyed Rose stays with the Yoshis until Summer comes then she returns to the Flower Fields.

The Quest for Flowers

Rose the Crazee Dayzee is lost in the Vanilla Dome in Dinosaur Land, she is looking for a way to get out and find flowers or at least thats what she says but she's really wimpering in the corner. She is found by Yoyo and is comforted back to normality and she joins up with him, she can sing outside of battle to put overworld enemies asleep.


  • Petal Punch - Rose Headbutts a single foe that is on the ground, it does 2 damage on Normal Rank, 4 on Super Rank and 6 on Ultra Rank. It takes up no Yosi Points.
  • Whip Lash - Rose extends her little hands from under her big petals to reveal large vines which she uses to whip and attack foes with it can damage all foes at once it does 2 damage on Normal Rank, 4 on Super Rank and 6 on Ultra Rank. It takes up 4 Yosi Points.
  • Song of Slumber - Rose sings a song which puts all of the enemies asleep. It can only be used once Rose is at Super Points and it takes up 5 Yosi Points.
  • Second Hand Serenade - Rose sings a song which does 5 damage to all foes, it takes up 6 Yosi points and can only be used once Rose is at Ultra Rank.