Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Strife.


Rosalina & Luma

After a rest, Rosalina and Luma are went back for fight! She can control the Luma better and combo attacks are stronger!

Special Attacks

Standard Special: Luma Control. By pressing this button, you can control the Luma. By pressing again, you will control Rosalina again!

Side Special: Star Bits. Luma shoots some Star Bits which inflicts 6% of damage.

Up Special: Galaxy Jump. Rosalina Jumps very high inflicting 17% of damage.

Down Special: Gravitational Pull. Rosalina changes the gravity close to her and cancels the ranges attacks. This move also attracts the items.

Final Smash: Power Star. Rosalina invokes a Power Star which shoots some little stars that inflict 18% of damage each one. At the final, the Power Star explodes inflicting 39% of damage.

Strife Smash: Planet Collision. Rosalina teleports the closer opponents in a strange, galactic area and then makes two planet collide, inflicting 187% of damage.

Ability: Luma. Rosalina and Luma will do the standard moves at the same time.

Unlock Criteria

  • Rosalina is known as Rosetta in Japanese, Rosalinda in Italian, Harmony in French and Estrella in Spanish; Luma is known as Chiko in Japanese, Sfavillotto in Italian, Luma in Frenach too and Destrello in Spanish.
  • With her Planet Collision, Rosalina has the strongest attack in the game, in the series, has also the highest single damage and has the best knockback too: in fact if an stricken character touches another, they two will be defeated.

Unlock Criteria

  • Complete the Classic Mode in 9 minutes or minus.
  • Defeat once the Gobblegut in the Mario Starship stage.
  • Have her join in the Story Mode.

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