Rosalina SSB3M
Lumas by Fluesopp88

Rosalina and the Lumas are ready for fight! They are went back but now is easier control the Luma! She is a Combo Master and her main element is light.

Special moves

Neutral Special: Luma Shot. Rosalina charges the Luma and then she shots him. In this way, Rosalina and Luma can fight separately. The shot inflicts 12% of damage.

Side Special: Star Bits. Luma shots some Star Bits which inflicts 7% of damage.

Up Special: Galaxy Jump. Rosalina does an high and long jump which inflicts 18% of damage.

Down Special: Gravitational Pull. Rosalina attracts close to her the items and deflect the projectiles.

Fusion Special: Galaxy Mark. Rosalina shots a green mark and, if it touches the enemy, the Luma will follow this.

Final Smash: Super Star. Rosalina flies into the sky and evokes a Super Star which shots some little stars that inflicts 20% of damage every one.

Unlock Criteria

Meet her in Story Mode or do 3 Smash Run with the same Mario series character.

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