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Rosalina & Luma
SSB Mario Series
First Game WII Super Mario Galaxy
Recent Game U Super Mario 3D World
Availability Starter
Home Stage Comet Observatory
Rosalina is a mysterious female who aided Mario on his quest across the cosmos, in search of his special one, who had been kidnapped by the Koopa king. She is like a mother to the star-like creatures known as Lumas, and one such friend accompanies her into battle for Super Smash Bros. Supernova.


Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack- Wand Combo (Luma combo)
  • Side Tilt- Sweep Kick (Luma kick)
  • Up Tilt- Headbutt Float (Luma headbutt)
  • Down Tilt- Dropkick (Luma slam)
  • Dash Attack- Diving Ram (Luma ram)
  • Neutral Arial- Star Spin (Luma kicks)
  • Forward Arial- Galaxy Kick (Luma spin)
  • Backward Arial- Reverse Galaxy (Luma reverse)
  • Up Arial- Saturnian Ring (Luma headbutt)
  • Down Arial- Saturnian Ring (Luma drop)

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash- Magic Hand (Luma Punch)
    • Variation 2- Power Star (Luma Slam)
    • Variation 3- Half Galaxy (Luma Reach)
  • Up Smash- Wand Arc (Luma Uppercut)
    • Variation 2- Star Arc (Luma Arc)
    • Variation 3- Rising Galaxy (Luma Headbutt)
  • Down Smash- Double Kick (Luma Double)
    • Variation 2- Twin Star (Luma Spin)
    • Variation 3- Circle Galaxy (Luma Spin)

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special- Luma Shot
    • Variation 2- Power Luma
    • Variation 3- Luma Warp
  • Side Special- Star Bits
    • Variation 2- Floaty Stars
    • Variation 3- Shooting Stars
  • Up Special- Launch Star
    • Variation 2- Launch Attack
    • Variation 3- Pull Star
  • Down Special- Gravity Pull
    • Variation 2- Catch & Release
    • Variation 3- Guardian Luma
  • Final Smash- Comet Observatory
    • Variation 2- Power Star Burst
    • Variation 3- Luma Stampede

Pummel & Throws

  • Pummel- Wand Smack
  • Forward Throw- Luma Launch
  • Backward Throw- Spin Toss
  • Up Throw- Luma Uppercut
  • Down Throw- Magic Slam


  • Idle- Casually sways back and forth, Luma does too
  • Taunt 1- Waves her wand around, while Luma dances
  • Taunt 2- Rosalina and Luma both spin around on an axis
  • Taunt 3- Majestically spreads her arms out, as Luma spins around excitedly
  • Taunt 4- Says "Mmhmm" while her and Luma both nod
  • Ledge Attack- Galaxy Cover
  • Floor Attack- Circle Kick



  • Default - Blue dress, yellow Luma
  • Fire - White dress, red Luma
  • Red - Red dress, orange Luma
  • Yellow - Gold dress, green Luma
  • Purple - Purple dress, blue Luma
  • Orange - Orange dress, pale Luma
  • Green - Green dress, purple Luma
  • Black - Black dress, black Luma

Costume - Cat Rosalina

  • Default - Black suit, black Luma
  • Red - Dark red suit, red Luma
  • Gold - Dark yellow suit, green Luma
  • Blue - Dark blue suit, yellow Luma
  • Green - Dark green suit, purple Luma
  • Purple - Purple suit, blue Luma
  • White - White suit, orange Luma
  • Brown - Brown suit, pale Luma

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