Rosalina & Luma
250px-Rosalina SSB4
SSB Mario Series
Availability Default
Series Super Mario Bros.
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Home Stage Good Egg Galaxy
Final Smash Power Star

Rosalina's Description

Rosalina is a recurring character that debuted in Super Mario Galaxy, first appearing in the Gateway Galaxy. She is a very powerful figure, as her duty is to watch over and protect the cosmos, while also serving as the adopted mother of the Lumas, and commanding the Comet Observatory.

Rosalina's back-story is chronicled in her storybook told by her in the Comet Observatory's Library in Super Mario Galaxy. Nine chapters are unlocked throughout the game, and the last is unlocked by completing the game.
Source: Mario Wiki

Luma's Description

Lumas are star-like creatures that first appear in Super Mario Galaxy. Unlike most Stars, they have a rain drop-like shape and come in many colors. They are much like Power Stars, but are more circular and have the ability to talk. The Lumas are all very friendly and assist Mario during his quest. Lumas have the ability to transform, from minor planetoids to entire galaxies, and according to Rosalina, some Lumas can even transform into Power Stars. They call Rosalina their "Mama". Most of them make their home with her in the Comet Observatory, and others live on Starship Mario following their leader Lubba. Their name comes form the Latin word for light, lumen, which is a reference to their future as stars. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, if the Co-Star Luma spins one, it will emit three Star Bits.

Paper Mario featured a similar species, called Star Kids. Like the Lumas, the Star Kids were young stars, who were raised on a special place to become real stars someday. They also possessed magical abilities, like the Lumas, and a very similar, childish behavior. In addition, Blue Lumas look similar to an item in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door called Mini Mr. Mini.
Source: Mario Wiki


- : Luma Shot - Rosalina launches Luma forward. This move is chargeable for more power and range, with a fully charged Luma Shot being capable of KOing middleweights at 103% near the edge. Luma stops after either hitting something or reaching the end of its path. Luma will remain at the place it stopped until it is recalled back to Rosalina by tapping the special button again. Luma will eventually float back to Rosalina's position if it is not recalled after a long enough time and as long as it is above ground. However, Luma will be susceptible to falling into the bottom blast line and thus be KO'd if it is off-stage and not recalled soon enough. Since Luma is involved in this attack, this move will have no effect during Luma's respawn time. (5% (stage 1), 9% (stage 2), 10%-11% (stage 3), 13%-14% (stage 4), 15%-16% (stage 5))

> : Star Bits-  Rosalina commands Luma to shoot three Star Bits forward, which pierce through opponents. Despite the Star Bits' appearance, they are not projectiles, meaning that they cannot be reflected or absorbed. When used in sync with Luma Shot, it can allow Rosalina to keep opponents at bay, although it can also leave her wide open if the opponent gets between her and Luma. Like Luma Shot, this move will have no effect during Luma's respawn time. (2.8% (per hit) 8.4 (total))

^ : Launch Star -  Rosalina uses a Launch Star, which shoots her upwards at an angle determined by the player. The momentum from this move carries over into her helplessness, which could prove dangerous if one is careless. (0%)

v : Gravitational Pull -  Rosalina waves her wand around herself, mimicking the Star Cursor from Super Mario Galaxy. The wand waving motion draws in projectiles, orbiting them around herself and damaging anyone who gets too close, and even vacuums nearby items to Rosalina. Furthermore, any items thrown at Rosalina become her property and are also drawn in beside her, rendering them useless as well. This move can also be very effective for gimping characters with recoveries that involve projectiles, such as Ness' PK Thunder 2. (0%)

F : Power Star -  Rosalina summons a slowly expanding Power Star to fire stars around it. The Power Star itself can inflict extreme amounts of damage to opponents. Throwing the opponent into the Power Star can cause up to around 250%, potentially turning it into a one-hit KO. (3% (stars), 8% (Power Star loop), 12% (Power Star last))

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