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Rosalina's Story
Developer(s) NinRMAXlogo
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Europe Winter 2016

25px-Flag of USA Spring 2016
25px-Flag of Japan Winter/Summer 2016
25px-Flag of Australia Winter 2016

Rosalina's Story, (Starbit Story in EU) is a platforming video game for the Nintendo 3DS, It is developed by NinRMAX and published by Nintendo. Rosalina's Story is Rated T do to swearing in the story and in gameplay. The game will release in the USA at Spring 2016.


Note that the story is in Diary form.

Chapter 1

Dear Diary,

Today my mom passed away today, It was really sad. She ruled our galaxy and she took care of me. I had a sister and she taught me everything, but I don't get to see her anymore. My grandma is going to move in with me and my dad, But I'm sure she'll feel bad for us. I really hated my dad, Everytime I wanted to do something with him, He just that he would waste his time of that "crap". I wanted to cry. I missed mother.

I'm glad I can show you my feelings, Diary.

Chapter 2

Dear Diary,

Oh dear, Things had gotten worst.

I go to school and try to talk this about it to my friends, They don't listen. I hate their guts.

My grandma is never listening, She knows how I feel, She just doesn't really care and reads her "Cook Book".

I guess I should be thankful that she's even cooking for me.

Anyways, Something special happened today, I was looking at the dark sky, I then saw about six cute stars. "Mama, Mama!" They come shouting out at me, Those little stars get on my hip and gives me something. They give me a bag of these starbits, I put them in my room.

I felt amazed and I just smiled all day long. I guess some people do care about me.

Anyway, They said they were Lumas and they liked to be called Lums.

I thought that was really cute, It made me feel pleased.

Chapter 3

Dear Diary,

Woah! Seems I hadn't wrote in here for seven years! 

I growed up now but something bad has gone wrong.

My Lumas were captured and they were tookin' by this evil koopa.

Nobody cared, So I had to save them.

I may not write in this for an a-long time.

Goodbye, Diary.



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