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Rosa Yorkwich

Rosa Yorkwich GD


Rosa2 Darklight

Full Name Rosa Yorkwich
Date of Birth September 22, 1988 (Original)
September 22, 2003 (Pixelburst)
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Yorkwich, England
Florisbelli Island
Main Weapon(s) Crystal Sword (Refracture)
Ability/ies Crystal Magic
Light Refraction
Cosmic Dust Manipulation
Vulnerable To Severe nyctophobia
Separation from Refracture
First Appearance Darklight

Rosa Yorkwich is the main protagonists of the Darklight series. She is an orphan who fled her home town via boat in search of an adventure, eventually discovering the long-ruined island of Florisbelli, a magical sword, and its sole remaining inhabitant.



In all of her appearances to date, Rosa is a small blonde-haired girl with bright green eyes. She is usually depicted with an ankle-length pink dress and a red bow in her hair, and is generally seen holding a plain-looking short sword. She is also sometimes seen with rose earrings and a black sleeveless jacket.


The design introduced in Darklight (2018) retains several of the above concepts. Rosa still has blonde hair and green eyes, and is usually seen with a pink dress and a ribbon. However, instead of wearing her hair loosely, she instead wears it in a pair of ponytails sticking out on either side. Her eyes have taken on a darker hue more comparable to emerald, and her bow is more similar in color to her dress. Her dress is shorter, now reaching to her knees, and she usually wears a light purple zip-up hoodie over it for warmth. Instead of a short sword, she carries a katana which remains sheathed at her back when not in use. When drawn, its blade is slightly rosy and transparent, heavily distorting anything on the other side due to its refractive properties.





Rosa is a relatively nice person. She always greets strangers cheerfully and openly, even if they're acting a bit odd. She feels empathy towards those in a bad position, even though she'll rarely have anything she can afford to donate. But she does admittedly have her personality quirks. Chief among them is a massive fear of being outside at night, primarily due to the inability to know what lies beyond the shadows. When stuck outside at night, she becomes far too panicked to know how to proceed. When she's inside, though, she's fine regardless of how dark it is. She thinks that it's because it's easier to know what's around her in the smaller spaces. She is also unbelievably arrogant, and at worst will completely refuse help unless a trusted friend or dire circumstances can convince her to accept it. She's a sore loser and an even worse winner, which makes competing with or against her an exercise in patience.

Rosa loves coming up with names for new things - something she gets a lot of practice at in the unchartered territory of the Florisbelli ruins. Every name she comes up with sounds either dorky or just plain awful, but nobody ever has the heart to tell her. She says her favorite bird is the mockingjay, and she's unaware that the bird is actually totally fictional. She almost exclusively eats fast food, which is made marginally healthier by her relatively slow metabolism, but she still tends towards "healthier" options like wraps and tea. She will eat the largest burger she can find on the menu for special occasions, though.



Rosa has no supernatural abilities of her own, instead relying massively on the Crystal Sword she received from an unknown blacksmith for self-defense. She is able to wield it effectively and effortlessly for the most part.


Like before, Rosa is relatively ordinary in most respects, with the exception of her acrobatic ability. Again, she is reliant on the Crystal Sword, which she names Refracture, when defending herself against the supernatural. However, this version of her Crystal Sword has a few other abilities. Due to the semi-transparency of its blade, it can be used to refract light and turn it into a powerful beam - an essential skill when facing the light-based puzzles and traps of Florisbelli. It also grants its holder a rudimentary grasp of earth magic, allowing them to create crystal formations around them.

Near the end of her first adventure through Florisbelli, Rosa learns that Refracture is the physical half of the missing superweapon that she had been combing the island for this entire time, and that it had been split from its "soul" to more effectively seal it away. When Rosa regains its "soul," Refracture transforms back into the legendary weapon that Rosa names Starmageddon. Along with drawing its power from the movements of nearby celestial bodies (in Earth's case, the Moon and Sun), Starmageddon lets the user freely manipulate the cosmic particulate from which all matter was created, allowing its wielder to reshape objects freely when given enough time to concentrate. Living creatures reverted into cosmic dust retain their abilities to think, sense, and move freely, but extensive time in this form will eventually lead to insanity and savagery. It also retains the original's refractive properties and earth magic.




Rosa born in September 22, 1988, on Yorkshire, England. She grew up on the streets, in 1990, she reported in her diary, which she won her sword by an unknown blacksmith. In 1992, she traveled to Florisbelli, and stayed in a hotel, after seven days, she went to find his parents, and found no one else there. She was alone, scared, but she found one of the survivors of the disaster, Scott. She lived with him for a long time, until the mighty weapon was stolen, and she had to fight with Scott together to rescue the sword.


Darklight (2018)

As before, Rosa was born on September 22 and shortly after abandoned by her parents. She grew up in the Yorkwich Home for Lost Souls, an orphanage in the English port town of Yorkwich. From a young age, she was enraptured with both the fairy tales she grew up with and the tales of sailors exploring distant lands. The woman responsible for running the orphanage, however, was strictly against these sorts of dreams of adventure, and eventually began to treat Rosa much worse than the other children.

When she was thirteen, Rosa decided that she couldn't stay there any longer. She ran to the first place she could think of - the high seas. First as a stowaway on a cargo ship, and then on a life raft after nearly being caught and sent back to Yorkwich. Mere hours later, the life raft drifted to the shores of Florisbelli, an island considered heavily taboo by all of Yorkwich's inhabitants. With nowhere else to go before nightfall, Rosa delved into the nearest settlement - a building that appeared to be an abandoned shrine - in search of shelter. Inside, she discovers her ability to wield a weapon called a Crystal Sword.

The next morning, while exploring the island, she meets Scott Mayden, who explains the island's story - it was destroyed by the powers of a legendary weapon with the power to manipulate the cosmic dust from which the universe was made, that the weapon had been locked away, and that it was the job of the Maydens (of whom he is the last) to protect the weapon. More recently, however, the protection of the weapon has been slipping, and he wants to go and do some repairs. However, the path to the hiding place is filled to the brim with monsters and puzzles requiring use of a Crystal Sword. Rosa eagerly agrees to help him in the task.


Scott Mayden

Scott is like the older brother Rosa always wished she had - clever, mature, and easy to approach with problems - and so she usually treats him that way. She likes to tease him and come up with humiliating nicknames, which Scott usually takes without becoming offended. Sometimes, he'll even retort with a nickname or taunt of his own.



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