Rosa is the second fan-fiction in; Life Moments... Fan-Fics. This time we learn about Rosalina as she became a Luma controller to Mario Kart racer carrying on from Super Mario Galaxy. She wears a silver crown, has pale blonde hair with a side-fringe, a light blue dress with three frills, star earrings, a star pendant, nail polish, and carries a star wand

T.V Adaption

A T.V Adaption of this and Can DK Play? were made into a two-part episode.


Rosalina was polishing her nails when she relaxed while Luma's crowded her also thinking about the cycle. "This is the life!" Rosalina thought.

She travled through to a palace unknown with 1 nosey Luma surrounding. Rosalina was in Sarasaland. "Behold the new opening of Daisy Circuit!" Daisy presented and cut the ribbon. The crown applauded, Rosalina Joined in. She was puzzled.

Later Daisy Talked to Rosalina. Asking who she was. "Wanna Test Race?"

"I Don't have a motor?" Rosalina replied.


Lakitu waved them off. Daisy stormed. Rosalina struggled. Daisy placed a banana on the steps. When Rosalina got there, Daisy had just began lap 2. She picked it up and left it and braced herself. Rosalina was struggling on her bike but, She was going fine until 1 cone broke her speed Daisy was now at the statues. Rosalina bravley carried on making a pround leap to lap 2. Daisy was already ahead. She then though heard a repetative sound. Rosalina grabbed an item box and sent the red shell. Daisy stumbled. Rosalina mirculasly took over the two began lap 3. A Luma came to give her some confidence. She admired the Luma. Daisy drifted to the finish. Daisy had won.

"Pretty good skills". Daisy watched Rosalina cross the line.

"Hey, maybe you should join me and Peach my fellow princess?"

"Um... Well... You see-"

"Rosalina go on just say it don't be shy!"

"Do you know Mario, Because everyone does?" She added.

"I Know Mario, Can I Bring a Luma?"

"Wha- oh that cutie! Yeah sure"

"I'm in!

"For now get training for the Mushroom Kingdom!" Daisy Shouted.

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