&nbsp Roo On The Rocks is a game by Bomb Productions Games, Kirby & Friends Inc., and Twenty-Second Choice. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is an RPG for the Nintendo 3DS and has gameplay similar to the Mario & Luigi Series. It is a very bizarre game, to say the least, but it got very positive ratings.


In a strange world where talking animals are the dominant species, we meet a strange semi-aquatic blue Kangaroo. That Kangaroo's name is Broloo. We meet Broloo with his band, "Platinum Octopus Antidisestablishmentarianism Express". The members of this band consist of Cheeto, the dog and lead singer, Proo, Broloo's purple kangaroo brother and lead guitarist, (who, unlike Broloo, is not semi-aquatic) Whally, the narwhal and bassist, and Broloo is the drummer. After playing a rockin' gig, Proo suddenly confronts Broloo, criticizing his drumming skills and claiming that he was "Totally off-beat". This had happened many times before, for Proo liked to tease his brother, and, finally, Broloo had had enough of it. So, discouraged, Broloo gets angry at Proo and says that he officially quits the band. Then, taking only his drumsticks with him, Broloo marches home. Upon arriving home, Broloo realizes that Proo "beat him there" and that it is dinner time. He then sits down at the dinner table with his parents and brother, still angry at his brother. Barely talking at all, Broloo and Proo eat rapidly out of anger. Feeling the tension in the room, Broloo's mother asks her sons what is wrong, and Proo replies "Broloo's a suckish drummer, that's what's wrong!" Then, Broloo & Proo get into a big fight, which Broloo's dad finally breaks up by yelling "ENOOOOOOOOUGH!!!". He then tells his two sons to go to their rooms. Minutes after arriving in his room, Broloo, filled with rage and sadness, sneaks out the window to both inform his band of his official resignation and to buy a bottle of soda, which he will then drink to drown his sadness. Unfortunately, on the way to tell his bandmates that he was out of the band, a bottle of soda in hand, a large orange paw came out of a bush and snatched him inside. The shock knocked him unconscious.

Broloo soon awoke in a dark room, surrounded by guards. In front of him was a throne. Sitting on the throne was a fat red Hippo with elegant robes and a fancy crown. He asked Broloo if he knew why he was here, and Broloo replied that he didn't. The Hippo then said that he was the king of the known world, even though the world that Broloo lived in never had a king, and that he wanted Broloo to do something for him. After questioning why he proclaimed himself king, Broloo reluctantly agreed to help.

The king then explained to Broloo that, in ancient times, there were seven powerful Gods. The Gods had a even-more-powerful Titan father. One day, the Gods were being incredibly and unecisarily naughty, so the Titan punished them eternally by turning them into rocks and sending them to different locations at the bottom of the ocean. Broloo would have to go on a perilous journey to retrieve the rocks, and, if he succeeded, the Gods would hopefully turn the king into the eighth God, though Broloo highly doubted it.

Broloo attempted to back out of the deal, but the king said he was going to kill him if he didn't, so Broloo had no choice. So, the king brought out his personal shaman, a tiger, who took Broloo's empty soda bottle and magically gave it life. The bottle, who's name was Bottler, would help Broloo with his quest by holding everything for him. Then, the king gave Broloo three sugar packets, which would give him health if he ran out of it, and sent him on his way.


  • Broloo - Our semi-aquatic blue hero. After getting a strange genetic disease at birth, Broloo got the ability to breathe under water and swim. (Did we mention he's a kangaroo?) Broloo is also the main character of the game.
  • Botts - Broloo's Soda Bottle that magically came to life. He holds Broloo's items and rocks.








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