• Neutral attack:

  • Forward tilt:
  • Up tilt:
  • Down tilt:
  • Dash attack:

  • Forward Smash:
  • Up Smash:
  • Down Smash:

  • Neutral aerial:
  • Backward aerial:
  • Up aerial:
  • Down aerial:

  • Grab:
  • Pummel:
  • Forward throw:
  • Backward throw:
  • Up throw:
  • Down throw:

  • Neutral Special - Anesthetize: Claire prepares a syringe of anesthetic, then hurls it forwards at high speeds. Targets struck by the syringe will be "numbed," which causes them to temporarily be knocked farther by their attacks. The projectile can be charged to increase the potency of the numbing effect at the cost of its duration.
  • Side Special - Rust Claw:
  • Up Special - Catching Up: Ronnie tosses Claire upwards, then zooms upwards to catch her after a short moment. The player can alter Claire's trajectory and slash at them in midair to knock enemies around, and enemies caught in between Ronnie and Claire will be sent flying.
  • Down Special - Watch Out!: With some help from Claire's planning ability, Ronnie darts out of the way of an attack before the two counter with simultaneous slashes to either side.

  • Final Smash - One True Pairing:

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