Current Age X
Date of Birth 10th April
Gender Male
Species Raceio
First Appearance Dibbles Town
Latest Appearance Dibbles Town
Let's do this, Dibbles!
Ronaldo, when he is chosen in the roster on Dibbles Town.

Ronaldo is the main character of the unpopular racing series, Dibbles Town.


Ronaldo is a raceio who, like all other raceios, has green skin and rectangular eyes. He wears a white vest and a blue jacket. He has blue jeans and he always carries his pet hamster, Dibbles. Ronaldo has brown hair and a orange cap.


  • Dibbles Town - Ronaldo appears as the titular character entering the grand prix with his beloved hamster, Dibbles.
  • Dibbles' Quest - Ronaldo returns on a quest with Amy to find the sonic gem, a special item that can make your vehicle drive at the speed of sound.


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