Romero Z² (Japanese: ロメロX 2 translates to Romero X 2) is a 3D Puzzle Platformer developed by STYX Co. and released for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS - the ladder being a series first. It is a sequel to Romero Z, and unlike it's predecessor, is a direct sequel. It was released on December 17th, 2014.


Like Romero Z, Romero Z²'s story is split up into three parts, called "Episodes". To sum it up, after Romero and Dico had headed back to Mallard, Lab Rat steals the Dae Sphere and blows up the Mallard Temple. It's up to the duo to get back the Dae Sphere and restore Mallard Temple, but Lab Rat has learned from his mistakes, and thrown in some twists to the quest...

Episode I

After the long journey, metallic doppelgänger, and other events of Romero Z, Romero and Dico take a much needed break from adventuring...though soon a beam is seen shooting through the sky, Romero and Dico notice the beam hit Mallard Temple - exploding it into pieces - quickly arriving on the scene to see Lab Rat. He captures the Dae Sphere, putting it in a small capsule...hoping to prevent the events of "Last time", heads off in his Mopod to an undisclosed location.

Giving chase, Romero and Dico find them on the ground once more, coming across a ruined Little City. The citizens say Lab Rat arrived in his Mopod, and did considerable damage to the city, nothing they've ever seen before. The two realize this couldn't have been the Dae Sphere, but press on to discover why.

As they continue on in Pear Path, a mobile TV warps in front of Romero and Dico. The TV shows Lab Rat, who apologizes for not fully saying hello last time, and sends out Munster.exe - Romero and Dico swiftly beat it, and it explodes - sending them into a far off location.

Episode II

Romero and Dico are sent off into Lilly Lands, and press on to see if they can find any directions. Soon enough they find a large city called State City, roaming in they come across a "fox" named Yorkman. He seems to be wallowing in self pity about his "shop being closed down" in very broken english, he sees Romero and Dico asking for their business - after Dico declines he quickly offers information on Lab Rat.

After paying the man, he says that Lab Rat is gathering the three magic spheres, The Anae, Tidae, and Dae Spheres for some sort of "Metal Fortress" in space, and wishes to take over their planet DeDe by firing a laser at Polis City, and forcing the citizens to bow down to him.

Yorkman offers a shabbily made rocket to send them up into space to enter the fortress, now called "The Ratnik", and stop the mad scientist. After travelling through Super Space in the spaceship, it quickly breaks down on a small planet called Other. They decide to keep going after getting a portable used GPS in the drawer.

Episode III

After clearing Planet Other, they see the entrance to The Ratnik and attempt to invade it, being stopped by a fleet of spaceships owned by Lab Rat. They clear them out and enter in, and after clearing out large sections of The Ratnik, come across Robor. Robor quickly recognizing Romero from his last memories, attacks Romero and Dico.

After the two beat Robor and head on to the main core, and after a long zone, finally come across Lab Rat in his "Steel Suit", the Rat attacks the two before Romero & Dico quickly defeat it. Lab Rat lays down in defeat and the credits roll...until suddenly they hault, revealing Lab Rat running off, and giving chase, are blasted out of the Ratnik. They see Lab Rat piloting it from the main core, and turns it into a mass shooting machine - now powered up by the Dae Sphere, Anae Sphere, and Tiae Sphere.

Long after, The Ratnik is finally destroyed, and Romero and Dico head back to DeDe to rest in Mallard after a long journey, ending with the REAL credit sequence.


Romero Z2 plays like Romero.exe and Romero Z, taking place in a 3D world, Jump Gauge, Dash Gauge, and ability to play as Robor once again. However, a new mode is unlocked at the beginning of the game called "Minigame Mode". Minigame mode is a series of minigames, you start out with 3 games - a simple card game called Card Wars, a Breakout-like game called Block-Out, and a Time-Based quick button event game called Roboxers. More minigames can be unlocked by playing through the entire main mode's story, and after that can be unlocked by doing secret events inside different modes (These are displayed in the "Unlockables" menu).

The unlocked minigames include: Kixer, a small soccer/football game (after beating the first level in Episode I), Go-Wheels, a small racing game (unlocked after starting Episode II), Yorkman's Garage - a puzzle game, simalar to say - "Bad Piggies" - where you build different contraptions to get the money (Unlocked after beating the main game / Episode III). There's also the minigames after the main game, which are: Bullseye, an arrow shooting game (after beating Boss Battles), Jungloo, a tree-climbing puzzle game (after doing 2 minutes or less on any level in Romero Z2), and Finders Keepers, a matching shadowy game unlocked after killing every enemy on a level.

Another small-ish mode is Boss Battles, which plays exactly like the Beta-Mites' series "Boss Rush", where you fight every single boss in order with no levels or interruptions.

Bosses & Levels

Episode I

  1. Playper / Duch Plains
  2. Sludge Monster / Ruined Little City
  3. Last Boss: Munster.exe / Pear Path

Episode II

  1. Pokey / Lilly Lands
  2. Asteroidizer / Super Space
  3. Manner / Planet Other

Episode III

  1. S.S. Rodent / Dynaship Fleet
  2. Robor / Ratnik Halls
  3. Final Boss: Steel Suit / Ratnik Core

True Final Boss: The Ratnik


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