Romero Z (Japanese: ロメロX translates to Romero X) is a 3-D platformer released for the Wii U, developed by STYX Co.. It is the second in the Romero series of games, and a semi-sequel to Romero.exe. It follows many of the previous genre and isn't considered a direct sequel to the likes of Romero.exe, but exists in the same timeline.


The story of Romero Z is split into 3 "episodes", but the basic story is that Lab Rat has opened up Dynapolis on the grounds, and Romero the Duck and Dico the Racoon go to investigate, only to be wrapped up in another one of Lab Rat's schemes.

Episode I

After a peaceful day on the floating country of Mallard, a newspaper whips in front of Romero's face - detailing the grand re-opening of "Dynapolis" by Lace Rabley, who Romero can only assume as the villanous Lab Rat. Suspicious of the madman's intentions, waking Dico, they head out of Mallard to the mainlands below to find the city.

After finding the city, they confront a city under construction - where Lab Rat greets them through a monitor. He says "little pests" are not allowed in his new city, and orders a bot named "Robor" to attack them. Dico notices the bot looks remarkably similar to Romero, with his mouth covered up. Robor blasts them with a super charge shot, and Dico and Romero wake Freeze Tree Forest, and attempt to get back to Dynapolis...along the paths they find wandering citizens, who say that "Dynapolis" was made under construction after Lab Rat took over their homeland of Little City. Romero and Dico, now having a set goal, continue on in the hopes of finding and stopping Lab Rat's plans.

After clearing through Lowlands, they come across Lab Rat himself in the Mopod. He introduces them to the bot that beat them before, Robor, and orders Robor to attack the two. Romero and Dico soon beat Robor, and Lab Rat flees with the now broken robot. Romero and Dico then continue their pace to find Dynapolis.

Episode II

Episode II opens after Robor was defeated, and Romero and Dico continue their search for Dynapolis. After going through Blue Beach, they meet more of the Little CIty civilians, who inform that Lab Rat plans to stretch Dynapolis to Mallard as well. They continue on to see many of Lab Rat's inventions strawn about, most likely to halt their progress. They continue on with the search for Dynapolis, when a monitor of Lab Rat appears, apologizing for not being their in person, but leaves them a little "present" in the form of Omniman. Soon enough they beat it, and go on as usual.

Episode III

At the beginning of the level they come across a grassy plain, in which Lab Rat strolls by in his plane for a "visit". He sprays the grass causing a disease to fall over the grass, killing it. The two continue through the plains as usuall, until finally coming across Dynapolis. They go through the "Festival Fance" made in honor of the opening of Dynapolis, where they see Robor once again. He makes a grand appearance, finally revealing his scarf, with his jagged teeth and reptile-like tongue. They finish off the mad Robor, and head off to Dynapolis's Capital: Dynamo CIty, where they meet Lab Rat - and prepare for the final battle, where Lab Rat introduces his "Machin", where Romero and Dico finish it off. They restore Dynapolis City to Little City, and head off to Mallard to rest after the journey.


Romero Z plays very similarly to Romero.exe, in a 3-D like enviroment. Romero and Dico keep the Jump Gauge mechnic and Speed gauge mechanic. The Jump Gauge will increase by killing enemies, and provide a higher jump each time it goes up, but if you're hit when the gauge is at 0 - you lose a life. The Dash gauge increases the same as the Jump Gauge, but is exclusive to Dico, and will make Dico faster and faster. Romero attacks by spinning and darting, while Dico attacks by doing a Tail attack and a Punch. You can switch between these characters at any time through the main story mode menu.

After completing the main story mode, the ability to play as Robor through any of the levels previously played. Robor plays very much like Romero, except a Blast replacing his normal Darting ability. Little City Civilians can be found throughout all the levels, finding all of them with give the player the ability to unlock Zero Zone - the hardest level in the game, in which you can fight a new final boss: Neqa.

Bosses & Levels

Episode I

  1. Gyptor / Pharaoh Pharms
  2. Freezler / Freeze Tree Forest
  3. Last Boss: Robor / Lowlands

Episode II

  1. Aquatron / Blue Beach
  2. Koko / Koko Mansion
  3. Last Boss: Omniman / Omnistan

Episode III

  1. Trung / Grass Gorge
  2. Robor / Festival Fance (Dynapolis)
  3. Final Boss: Machin / Dynamo City

Secret Zero Zone / Neqa


Romero Z was liked for it's expansive levels and unique style of gameplay, improving upon the problems of Romero.exe and adding it's own twist on the 3D mechanic used. A new Romero title has been announced by STYX Co., it is not confirmed if it will be a direct sequel to Romero Z.

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