Romero.exe is a fully 3D platformer with puzzle elements, developed by STYX Co. and released for the Wii U.


Up in the skys lives an ancient floating land known as Mallard. In Mallard lives the peaceful Duch Plains, home to the mysterious Mallard Temple - one day while a small duck named Romero and raccoon named Dico relax by Duch Lake with the locals, a large explosion is heard near Mallard temple. Setting out with Dico to check on the ancient temple, a large white mouse appearing to be piloting a strange pod is seen. He introduces himself as Lab Rat - a brilliant professor, wishing to harnis the secrets of Mallard Temple...he is seen trying to interfere with the Dae Sphere, Romero attacks in retaliation - but rushed, the Dae Sphere erupts into 7 peices, flinging across the world. Lab Rat says these spheres are what once made up the Dae Sphere long ago, and says that he will not let Romero and Dico take them from him. He heads out to find the 7 Dae Spheres and conquer all of Mallard.

Now learning Lab Rat's intent, Romero and Dico set out to find the 7 Spheres - The Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Pearl, Topaz, and Amethyst Spheres - and return them to their natural placement, destroying Lab Rat's plans in the process.


Romero.exe plays like a fully 3-D action puzzle game. At the start of the game, choosing Story Mode, you have the option on which character you would like to choose - Romero or Dico. Romero plays fast and strong, in the bottom right corner he has a Jump Gauge - you fill up this gauge by destroying enemies, and once filled up will allow you to moon jump. Moon Jumping makes you jump phenomonally higher, the gauge will let you jump higher the more filled your gauge is, but it also makes Romero's main attack (Spinning into the enemy/Darting) amplified. Be warned - if hit the gauge will go down, and if your hit when the gauge is empty, you lose a life and start out at the last checkpoint.

Dico plays simalarly, except instead of a Jump Gauge, he has a Dash Gauge. Filling up the dash gauge (by hitting enemies) will slowly make Dico faster, and filling it up all the way will grant him to Uber Dash, making him extremely fast and his power extremely amplified. Instead of spinning and darting, Dico will attack with his tail and charge up a power punch, you can hold down his normal punch attack (in place of Romero's Darting ability) and the higher you charge, the more damage will be done when releasing it.

In order to get the good ending, Romero must collect the 7 Spheres. Each sphere can be found by completing a secret task in the level, doing this will cause the Sphere to reveal itself to you at the end of the level - this can be done after beating the level, as well.


  • Mopod / Ruby Sphere
  • Cannona / Diamond Sphere
  • Handler / Emerald Sphere
  • Roller / Topaz Sphere
  • Biteron / Sapphire Sphere
  • Leggy / Pearl Sphere
  • Dynaman Prototype / Amethyst Sphere
  • FINAL BOSS - Dynaman


  1. Duch Plains
  2. Mallard Ruins
  3. Shadow Sea
  4. Paranoia Park
  5. Malice Mountain
  6. Planet Path
  7. Cyber City
  8. Dynamo Industries
  9. (Semi-Level) Dynamo Towers


Romero.exe got very good reception, for stepping out of the norm for the usual 2-D sidescrolling mechanics in most STYX Titles. STYX will release many more sequels to come.

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