Rollodillo Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Rollodillo is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is a large armadillo-like beast with a reptilian-like face and mammalian body which is covered in thick blue fur. He has a hide made of pieces of rock which covers the majority of his body minus his rear, face, and underbelly.


Rollodillo attacks mainly by rolling around in a fashion similar to a boulder. Mario can only fight Rollodillo while Rock Mario. When Rollodillo gets dizzy and stops rolling, Mario will need to transform into a boulder and ram into its weak spot, its rear. Mario will need to hit Rollodillo's rear until the boss will explode.

Appearances in Fanon games

Lets-a-go, Mario

Rollodillo appears in Lets-a-go, Mario's downloadable world Boss Area B as the Stage 27 boss. It is fought after Bouldergeist and before Glamdozer.

Yoshi's Story 2: Yoshis in Space

Rollodillo appears in Yoshi's Story 2: Yoshis in Space and is found in Starship Lumas. This time, his weak point is his eyes instead of his rear. The player has to attack him seven times before he dies.

Super Mario Galaxy 3: To the End of the Universe

A harder version of Rollodillo, called Steel Rollodillo, appears in Super Mario Galaxy 3: To the End of the Universe, in the Rock Runner Galaxy. He appears in two missions: Rollodillo’s Steel Will, and Steel Rollodillo Speed Run.

Super Mario Galaxy D.I.Y. 2

Rollodillo appears in Super Mario Galaxy D.I.Y. 2. He has the same strategy from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario Galaxy Online

Rollodillo appears in Super Mario Galaxy Online, where he is found in the Rolling Stone Galaxy. He is fought the same way from Super Mario Galaxy 2, and is now a bit easier because more than one player can be able to attack him.

Super Mario Star Journey

In Super Mario Star Journey, Rollodillo appears in Rolling Railing Gulch's mission Shake, Rattle, Rollodillo, and he has the same strategy from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Mario Kart 8 Wii U

Rollodillo appears as a character in the Neptune Z remake of Mario Kart 8 Wii U. He, along with R.O.B., Koopa Kid, Baby Yoshi, and Spike, do not appear in the Wii U version.

Mario Kart: Fumilla

Rollodillo appears as an DLC character in Mario Kart: Fumilla. He's an heavy character.

Taking You Back Was A Big Mistake

Rollodillo reappears in Godzilla vs. Bowser as Lemmy's minion and the World 6 Fortress boss.



"Rollodillo" is a portmanteau of roll and armadillo.

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