Rollo's Topsy-Turvy Quest is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It was originally conceived as the tech demo for Fissure made with The JIM Engine, using, for the most part, the gameplay elements from Fissure in an effort to test them out. However, being significantly different from Fissure in several ways, it may very well be made into its own game. It is notable for its unnecessarily complicated plot and backstory and its use of physics.


Rollo's Topsy-Turvy Quest is a sidescrolling platformer, much like Fissure, Kirby Super Star Ultra, and The Legendary Starfy. You move Rollo, the only playable character, by rolling him. The more you roll, the more speed Rollo gains. The more speed Rollo gains, the more enemies he can defeat and the more points he can earn. The only way to defeat enemies (besides the ocassional enemy that you can jump on) is by gaining speed and rolling into them (in turn, they will either be trampled and killed or be knocked off screen and killed). You can gain speed in a number of ways: By rolling straight for a long enough time, by rolling down hills, and/or by rolling on speed panels. Oftentimes, to advance through levels, there are several speed-based obstacles that you must overcome. These include ramps, loops, and some enemies that it takes a certain amount of speed to pass. In the HUD, there is a life bar, health bar, and speed bar for Rollo. When the health bar fully depletes, Rollo will turn to stone and lose a life. When all of Rollo's lives are depleted, Rollo will turn to stone, but won't break free from his encasing. Instead, a "Game Over" screen will appear, asking you if you'd like to continue.


The kingdom of Flattery was in big trouble; monsters were invading the land and causing panic and terror among its denizens. In an effort to solve this crisis, the kingdom's top sorcerer, Werlon, was intrusted with the task of fabricating a great hero to save Flattery by the King himself. After days of intensive spellbinding and potion-making, Werlon had created the near-perfect warrior: the sole member of a new, man-made race that he called the Flubboids, Rollo. Rollo was strong, flexible, brave, daring, and nearly invincible. His only major flaw was that if he was injured too heavily, he would be turned to stone. Putting this fact aside, the King of Flattery and Werlon sent Rollo out on a dangerous quest through Flattery to find the heart of the monster invasion.



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