Roll the Armadillo
Full Name Roll
Current Age 15
Date of Birth April 13, 1998
Gender Male
Species Armadillo
Current Status Alive
Class Sidekick
Ability/ies Rock and Earth powers,rolling into foes
First Appearance Fyre 2: Return of the Fox
Latest Appearance Fyre 2:Return of the Fox


Roll can be quite impatient at times. He doesnt like waiting at all, and he likes to get things done quickly. Roll is also quite cocky, and often times will insult his oppoments if he wins. He can also be quite the fighter, with his earth and rock powers.

Relationships with other characters

Fyre-Fyre is his best friend,despite their differences. In Fyre 2:Return of the Fox, he decided to tag along with him on his journey

Project 384-Roll despises Project 384 and thinks Fyre shouldnt trust him.

Thundurr the Lion-Thundurr and Roll are friendly rivals.

Game appearances

Fyre 2: Return of the Fox

Roll debuted in this game,and he is Fyre's sidekick.

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