This is a roleplay. Anyone can participate in. First time? Click here for the rules. Put the series where that characters came from so it will avoid confusions. Any canon characters can be controlled by anyone. If you don't know that characters, please view it's page.


  • Biofist (Fantendo All-Stars Show) - Samtendo09
  • Kube (Meta-Form Series) - Samtendo09
  • Meta-Form (Meta-Form Series) - Samtendo09
  • Cubey (Meta-Form Series) - Samtendo09

You are free to come.

Chapter 1: Newcomer...!?

At Kube's Tower...

Kube: Listen up! See these pesky Fantendo heroes? I want you to defeat them and bring them to me so I can brainwash them!

???: I won't deceive you.

Kube: Good! Now go!

Meanwhile, at Fantendo City...

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