Before the Battle

Opening Movie

(In the Castle of Vandula, Levi and Isabelle are walking down the hallway to the throne room)

Isabelle: Levi, why do you think father has called us to his throne room?
Levi: I have no clue, Isabelle. It's very rarely that he does this, so it must be very important.

(Levi and Isabelle approach the door to the throne room, undead soldiers opening it for them. Inside, King Galus is waiting)

Galus: Ah, my children, it feels like I haven't seen you in forever.
Isabelle: Well, it sort of has been forever, father. You never invite us into your throne room.
Galus: What are you saying, Belle?

(Levi pushes Isabelle aside)

Isabelle: Hey!
Levi: Ignore her father. Anyway, is there a reason that you've called us here?
Galus: Yes, there is. As you know, i've put you under the care of your retainer and the soldiers for a while, and they have been training you hard. I've received reports, and it seems that you two have grown very strong. Now, I have an important mission.
Isabelle: A...mission?

(Galus stands up from his thrown and approaches his children, holding a glimmering jewel in his hand)

Isabelle: Oooh, pretty...
Galus: I'm sure that both of you have heard of Kingdom Koharu, correct?
Levi & Isabelle: Yes.
Galus: Today is the day of their Sky Dragon Festival. This jewel will allow you the ability to bypass their magical border the Fire Emblem provides for them.
Isabelle: *gasp* You're letting us go to the Sky Dragon Festival?! Oh, i've read about those in a few books while at the library. The party is absolutely amazing, and the way they decorate everything is so beautiful.
Galus: Do not be foolish, child. You will not be doing any partying what-so-ever. I am sending you two there for serious business.

(Galus hands Isabelle the jewel and walks over to the wall beside his thrown, taking down the Shinigami. He walks back over to his children and hands it to Levi)

Galus: Your mission is to go to Koharu and steal the Fire Emblem from Queen Amaura. You must use this bow to shoot her at the right time, and retrieve it quick enough to make it back.
Isabelle: Wait, shoot her?! F-Father, i'm sorry, but I can't let Levi do that. I know that our people do not like Koharu or it's people, but he can't just murder the queen when they have shown no violence towards us.
Galus: Oh, Isabelle, your kindheartedness sickens me, but do not worry. One of our dark mages put a spell on it so that the next arrow shot will not kill the person hit by it. Now, enough talking, you two must prepare yourselves for your journey. I've told your retainers to put cloaks in your rooms which you will wear while completing your task, making sure that the Koharians will not be able to recognize you.
Levi: Okay, father. Come along Isabelle, we must get going.

(Levi and Isabelle leave the throne room, closing the door behind them. Once they are gone, Galus begins laughing evilly.)

Before the Battle

Kaito: *huff* *huff*
Bianca: Shall we take a break, Lord Kaito? You look exhausted.
Kaito: N-No way... I must keep training, and be like my brother/sister.
Bianca But, you know your mother would get upset if you were to get hurt in my care, even though Avatar is supposed to be watching you. Damn it, where is that boy/girl?!
Avatar Did someone call for me?
Kaito: Hey, Avatar! *cough*
Avatar: Whoa, you look a mess! What happened?
Kaito: Ah, you know, training stuff. Did you bring me something from the market?
Avatar: You already should know the answer to that. However, you're gonna have to earn it. Get your sword ready.
Kaito: W-WHAT?! You're gonna fight me?
Avatar: Oh, of coarse not. We're gonna be fighting together. Bianca, get a few of the guards; I wanna make this more challenging.
Bianca: Are you sure about this...? I mean, if anything happens-
Avatar: Oh, don't be such a killjoy. Besides, i'm taking full responsibility for anything that happens.
Bianca: Grr... You won't be saying that when someone gets hurt. Hey, guards! It's training time!


Closing Dialogue

Defeating all enemies

Kaito: Woohoo! Now THAT'S what I call training.
Avatar: Yeah, everything's better when you work together. Remember that, okay?
Kaito: Okay, I guess. Still, I want to be able to fight on my own. I can't depend on you to save me all the time, right?
Avatar: Hehe, I guess you're right about that

(Yumi and Amaura walk into the garden, seeing all of the wounded soldiers)

Amaura: What happened here? ...Bianca!
Bianca: Whoa whoa whoa! I take absolutely no responsibility for this. It was your son/daughter!
Avatar: B-Bianca!
Bianca: I warned you!

(Bianca runs off)

Amaura: *sighs* Yumi, please heal the guards. I'll pay for all of the vulneraries later... As for you, Avatar-!
Kaito: W-Wait, mom, Avatar was only trying to help me train. I was having a really difficult time and he/she helped me! Please, I want to keep training with my brother/sister...
Amaura: Oh... I can't stay mad with that face. Avatar, you're off the hook, but no more beating up the guards, got it? Now, come along, the festival is starting soon, and you guys have to clean up. You're a mess!
Kaito: *giggle* Okay, mama!

Avatar is defeated

Kaito is defeated

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