Rolemodel is the Prologue of Fire Emblem Odyssey.

Game Fire Emblem Odyssey
Objective Defeat Boss
Units Allowed 2
Units Gained Avatar, Kaito
Boss Soldier


Before the Sky Dragon Festival, Kaito is practicing his sword fighting in the castle gardens, but is having trouble. The Avatar stumbles up him, and offers their help. They call upon a few more of the castle guards in seek of a bigger challenge for them and Kaito, wanting to test their strengths while battling together.

Enemy UnitsEdit

  • 3 Koharu Guards (Lv. 1) (Boss; Lvl. 3)


The script for this Chapter can be found here.


Normal ModeEdit

This chapter is meant to introduce the player to the mechanics of the game, which includes all of the different stances. You can move around the garden area, though there isn't much strategy needed to take out the guards as you are stronger than them, and they can be easily taken out by the Avatar alone. However, it is recommended that you allow Kaito to gain some experience.

Lunatic ModeEdit

Lunatic+ ModeEdit


  • If the Avatar or Kaito are defeated, the chapter will automatically end due to either one of them becoming badly hurt. This changes the conversation at the end of the chapter.
    • In addition, if either of them die in this chapter while you are on classic mode, they will return in the next battle.