Rogueport is an city state next to the Mushroom Kingdom that is divided into five sections: North, West, East, Main Plaza, and the Docks. During Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Mario travels through this city most often, as it is considered a "hub world". This city is known for an astonishing amount of thieves within the population, thus giving Rogueport its name. Toads, Bob-ombs, Goombas, Doogans, Craws, Piantas, Bandits, and other unknown species also live in Rogueport.


Rogueport was built by people living in poverty generations after an important battle four heroes and the evil Shadow Queen. The area was abandoned and in ruins, so the people built Rogueport the old city that originally existed, which happened to be most of the Rogueport Sewers. These sewers were known to be in close proximity within the Thousand Year Door, a door which was created to hold back the Shadow Queen. Those souls who currently reside within the sewers fear the area in which the Door lies, hoping the demon will not be let out.

Later on, many people felt that Rogueport should be independent of the Mushroom Kingdom and so it left but nothing really changed. Even up to Mario time.

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