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Not yet made
Developer(s) Jerata Co.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Febuary 6, 2012
Hero,Villian, Multiplayer, Free, Mini-games
Age Rating(s)
E 10+
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Ds and 3DS cartridge

Roggen Rola is a Jereata Co game in which is for DS and 3DS. It has complete touch features. You can equipp items to attack enemies with. You also can tap Roggenrola to dodge enemy attacks. Some require control pad. You can play Multiplayer with 4 friends. Each character have their own ability. The game main focus is to stop a corruption in the world that will cause hideous global warming by Ze Warmer.



Roggenrola, an Olympic Poke'athlon Athlete was practicing his Landslide-Downhill event until the massive heat seemed to melt some metal in some rocks. This made Roggenrola frustrated due to the large amount of oozing metal on him, luckily his core didn't melt. He rounded his friends Eglyem, Tirtouga , and Sandile to the hut outing.

They discussed what happened and it all happened by the same problem. Sandile proclaims he saw a weird-looking jellyfish Pokemon with a Big Heat-Warming Machine. Sandie told the explorers of Sandy Oasis City about the contraptions and they said there was more and was protected by guards. Tirtouga saw more on Beachy City of Water, Eglyem saw more on ??? Shrine. Roggenrola saw more also on Rocky Site. They then knew what to do. They had to stop that evil doer and destroy the machines. First stop, Rocky Site.

More to come....


In construction



Move Arrow or Character = Circle Pad

Stylus = Move Character, Attack, Slide Character, Select, Make paths

R+L= Take Photo, Minigame Button.

X= Use X move

Y= Use Shield

B= Cancel

A= Confirm

Main Focus

It's one of those games that concentrates on the pen use. The game gives full usefullness to this installment. Lost your pen? Simple, switch the setting to "Pad Control" so that you can use the two pads for the game. The 3DS version gives full inhansness of its 3D feature. Some items, enemies , are new mini-games can be seen in it's 3D feature. The DS version is just as perfect. With the mic , the player can blow on the mic and the character will float to its designated spot, for people who have asthma, They can change the settings to No Mic, Not just this disable All-Mic levels but get more levels as well. Multiplayer action is much like New Super Mario Bros Wii, in which you can play story mode with 4 player or more with community if 3DS version. Each character has unique info and many fitting traits. The Final Boss changes with every player you have in Multiplayer. Though it is much like Kirby Canvas Curse, It uses much more display.


Image Name Abilities Bio
Roggenrola Dream Roggenrola (Roggen Roll) He rolls mild but faster at times. His rock attacks packs a punch. Roggenrola has to interrupt his Olympic training because of the mountain slides. He wants to stop ze warmer so he can continue his practice. But he doesn't know he's going to make a bigger feat
Eglyem dream Eglyem ( Roggen Roll) He rolls mild and can stop because of his tail. He can teleport once a world and break enemies to particles He was playing his Wii until that nasty warm air brittled his Wii. His friend Roggenrola has the same problem and they work together to stop Ze Warmer, He can played by beating the game or multiplayer
Tirtouga Dream Tirtouga ( Roggen Roll) He slides instead of rolling and is pretty fast but hard to stop, He bubbles enemies or simply slides through them if fast enough. He was relaxing until that warm air made the ocean hot, so he helps Roggenrola to stop Ze warmer from doing more harm, He is playable by beating the game twice or multiplayer
Sandile Dream Sandile ( Roggen Roll) He slides also but goes mild, his ground attacks force enemies of the ground and outta the way. The grounds to hot for him to dig so he helps Roggenrola, He's playable by doing one mini-game or multiplayer
Frillish Dream Ze Warmer He uses hot water to attack and rolls slow. He thinks the worlds boring so he causes global warming everywhere. He's playable by beating the game and selecting Villian mode or multiplayer






Beta Elements


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