Rocky Mountain is a mountainous second world of Super Mario World 5 \ New Super Mario Bros. 5. This world is located near the Cookie Mountain area. There is a pipe from Grassy Plain (Donut Plain) to Rocky Mountain (Cookie  Mountain). The boss of this world is Giant Monty Mole. The world contains six levels (without counting secret levels and Toad Houses).


  • Rocky Stone Pit (contains Secret exit)
  • Warp pipe entrance 
  • Mushroom Gulf
  • Rocky Canyon
  • Yoshi's Hut (equivalent of Toad's House)
  • Haunted House near the submit (haunted level)
  • Warp pipe exit
  • Friable Bridge
  • Monty Mole Cave (boss level)

Friable Bridge level background

Another world

Click on the map: 
Grassy PlainRocky MountainDeep PitHigh BridgeShiny SeaGreat TreeGloomy MineMagic RainbowBackground2-42
About this image

Grassy plain:Top left of Donut plain

Rocky mountain:Cookie Mountain 

Deep pit:Vanilla Dome

High bridge:Cheese bridge

Shiny sea:Under soda lake 

Great tree:Forest of illusion

Gloomy mine:three islands behind Forest of illusion

Magic Rainbow:Top corner left of the map

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