Rocky Canyon is the sixth world in Extreme Mario World. It has stone hedge cliffs, cloudy skies, and pipes. The boss is Roy. The enemy course is Monty Moles.


Bullet Bill Bash

The first level of World 6. It has Stone Spikes and Bullet Bills

Bob-ombs Cliffs

A level with with Para-bombs, and mushrooms

Chomp Mountain

A grass level with Chain Chomps, Chomp Balls, and Chomp Sharks

Pipeline Maze

An underground level with pipes, and Piranha Plants. Boss Sumo Bro is on his fortress at the end.

Spike-Pillar Fortress

A fortress level with Sumo Bros. and Spike Pillars. The boss is Boss Sumo Bro

Porcupuffer Lake

A water level with Hammer Bros. and Yoshi. There's Porcupuffers too.

Polar Peaks

A snow level with Ice Bros. and candy canes poles.

Grinder Tunnel

A cave level with Grinders and Koopa Troopas. Roy's ship will be circling his castle at the end.

Roy's Volcanic Castle

A level on a moat of lava. It has lava geysers, fencing wheels, and Spike Balls. The boss is Roy

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