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A country on the planet Osiris.
Capital City Rocklandia Central
Language(s) Rockish
Leader(s) Rocky (tbc)
Government Rockism
Population 1,000,000-1,250,000
Currency Coinage System (currently unnamed)
Date Format 15 hours per day, 40 days per month, 10 months per year
Abbreviation RL

Rocklandia, known locally as Rocshalan which directly translates to Land of Rocks, is a country on the planet of Osiris. It is ruled by Rocky (tbc). Rocklandia is mainly located in the continent of Azunia; however, the capital is located on Vesinia.


Creation of Rocklandia

Rocky's Rise to Power

The Great Rebellion


The language most residents of Rocklandia is Rockish, somewhat similar to the English language. Some basic phrases include:

  • My name is <insert your name here>. = Ay sheeme wes <insert your name here>.
  • I like your dog. = A gromo tuss wûf.
  • I am 13 years old = A tro 13 yarros.

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